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Create your First Notification
Create your First Notification

Get started with social proof by creating a notification to show on your website

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First, make sure you have ProveSource installed on your website.

Start by clicking New Notification

Choose your notification type

Pick what kind of social proof you want to show on your website:

  • Stream: Show recent individual conversions on your website, or recent product purchases, for example: "Mike (London) just signed up to our website 5 minutes ago", more on that here.

  • Social Counter: build trust with your website visitors by showing off the number of followers, subscribers and likes you have across your social profiles. More details.

  • Informational: show a piece of information to your users about your website - new content, refund policy, coupon code and more, see more details here.

  • Counter: show the number of users/events that made a certain action Page Visits, Conversions/Purchases, Live Visitors.

  • Combo: just like counter, but over a specified time frame 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days or all time - to show awesome big numbers about your website.

  • Reviews: show awesome, positive reviews from platforms like Facebook, Google and others, see this guide for details.


Set what events to show in this notification, each notification has it's own tracking sources.
For example Counter notification lets you pick the URLs/pages where the Page Visits or Conversions occurred:


The pages/URLs where the notifications will be displayed.
You can use the URL match types to set more complex rules on where to show notifications:


Set the notification message text and language.
Use the preview on the bottom left to get a sense of how it would look on your website.


Set the notification's colors, behavior, position, add a call to action (CTA) and more.

Goals (Optional)

When you don't have any goals set, you will be requested to set a goal that helps you measure the ROI you get from ProveSource in your website.
If you don't have any goals to track, you can input something arbitrary.
​Read more about goals here.


Give your notification a name and click Launch this will immediately start showing notifications in your website if all criteria is fulfilled.
​Congratulations, you're Done!

Notification Details

Click a notification in the notification list page to see details in a quick glance about a notification, including analytics, settings and recent events.

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