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Create a Stream Notification
Create a Stream Notification

Create a stream notification that shows recent activities and actions taken by visitors in your website, purchases, signups and more

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Stream notifications are a great way to show your website visitors activities and actions done by other individuals on your website.
For example:

Stream notifications supports a variety of tracking options, including using our native apps/integrations in some of the leading platforms like:
Wordpress, Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento 1 & 2.

Stream notifications are the most flexible type of notifications, as it also allows showing location, product name, notification image and even supports dynamic variables in the text.

To show stream notifications, click the "New Notification" button, and select the "Stream" notification type.


Select the source of events to show in your activities stream.

Form Submissions

ProveSource automatically tracks and captures form submissions in all of your website pages. To capture form submissions, the form must contain an email field, we will only ever capture:

  • Email

  • First Name

  • Last Name 

Add the URLs of pages where you have forms in your website (contact us, checkout, subscribe, etc), you can see captured submissions in the Feed page.


The most flexible integration option to get data from external sources. Select this if you're using a 3rd party platform like PayPal, MailChimp, Teachable and more.
Read more about webhooks and the data format we're expecting here.


You must use our Shopify App to show purchases from store, see this guide.


You must use our Wordpress/WooCommerce plugin, see this guide.


You must have the plugin installed, note that this tracking type is only for showing user registrations in Wordpress, when used as a forum or CRM, see this guide.


You must use our Magento extension.


If you're using Zapier to integrate different services, use our guide to integrate it with ProveSource as well.


If you're using the most known Zapier alternative, use this guide to integrate with ProveSource.


Specify on which pages you want to show the stream notifications.
Use URL match types for added flexibility.


Dynamic Message Template: when setting up a Stream notification with webhooks, you can send extra data to be used as template variables in the notification message, read more about it in the Setup a Custom Webhook guide.

Next Steps

Complete the message and customize steps and launch your notification.

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