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ProveSource First Time User Guide
ProveSource First Time User Guide

First time here? great! Read this to get started

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If you're looking for video guides, click here.

After signing up and activated your account, you'll be required to add ProveSource to your website, before creating your notifications.

You won't be able to proceed unless you add ProveSource to your website.

Select between different integration options:

Waiting for data...?

After adding the code to your website - you'll need to visit your website so we can confirm the setup. You won't be able to proceed without visiting your website after adding ProveSource to it.

Not working?

  1. Try visiting your website in Incognito mode or private browsing to avoid cache.

  2. Clear your website cache.

  3. Make sure you have installed the code correctly.

  4. Reach out via the live chat - we'll be happy to help!

Show Social Proof Notifications

After installing ProveSource in your website, you need to create a notification.
A notification in ProveSource is a template to show social proof in your website, it defines what kind of events to show, under what conditions, how would it look, etc.
To learn more about different notifications types and how to create them, see this guide:

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