The first step towards boosting your conversion rates is to add ProveSource to your website. If you're using Google Tag Manager, it's easy as pie.

If you prefer adding the code manually, see this guide.
Alternatively, check the list of integrations for ways to install in different platforms

Method #1

1. Grab your ProveSource code

2. Continue in GTM

  1. Create a new tag.

  2. Select Custom HTML for the tag configuration.

  3. Paste the ProveSource code in the HTML section.

  4. Add an All Pages trigger (same goes for Single Page Applications / SPAs).

  5. Save.

3. Don't forget to Submit and Publish your changes!

Method #2

ProveSource has an official Google Tag available to install directly from the Google Tag Manager Gallery in this link.

You'll need to have your API Key ready in order to use this method.

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