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Installing ProveSource In Your Website
Installing ProveSource In Your Website

Follow this guide to get started with ProveSource

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The first step towards boosting your conversion rates is to add ProveSource to your website. Follow these steps to get this done in minutes.

If you're using Google Tag Manager (GTM), see this guide.
โ€‹Alternatively, check the list of integrations for ways to install in different platforms


1. Get Your ProveSource Code

Choose the Javascript Code option during the on-boarding process

2. Copy & Paste Your Code Into Website Header

Copy your unique ProveSource code and paste it between the <head></head> tags of every page on your website, landing page (or you can send it to your developer)

3. Visit your website

After adding your ProveSource snippet to your website or landing page, be sure to visit it using Incognito in order to execute the code and finish the installation process.

Once installed, you'll be able to proceed to the next step of creating your social proof notifications :-)

Feel free to reach out to us for any help by chat or email!

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