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A/B Test ProveSource with VWO
A/B Test ProveSource with VWO

Learn how to test ProveSource with Visual Website Optimizer, an website testing and experimentation platform.

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For more advanced A/B testing scenarios see the A/B test section in the ProveSource JS API guide.

VWO is the world's leading web testing and conversion optimization platform that enables growing businesses to optimize their web experience across desktop, mobile, and other devices, to deliver a unique experience.

Set Up VWO

If you don't have an account already, set up one here:

Get Started

Once finish setting up the account, you'll see your dashboard.

Go to the A/B testing page:

Create an Experiment

Click Create to start configuring your experiment

In the include pages where put your website's URL. Make sure to write your fully resolved URL.
For example, if your website is note you should omit the www part and include a slash at the end.

Create Variants

Click Create Variations and then Add variation

VWO already provides us with a default variant called "Control" (without ProveSource). We are going to use the newly created variant "With ProveSource" to run a test with ProveSource enabled.

You now should have 2 variants in the current container:

Add your website URL to the Editor URL

Click Edit and then Save and open editor.

Add ProveSource

You should now be redirected to your website's home page, or whichever URL you inserted Create an Experiment step.

  1. At the bottom toolbar click CODE and make sure you are on the 'With ProveSource' variant.

  2. Grab your ProveSource snippet and paste it inside the Run JavaScript input box.
    NOTE: You need to remove the <script></script> tags from the script, as well as these lines:
    <!-- Start of Async ProveSource Code -->
    <!-- End of Async ProveSource Code -->

  3. Press Done and then SAVE AND CONTINUE

The editor will close and the changes will be saved.

Configure Objectives

Objectives are metrics or activities that your variants are measured against. Your experiment objective determines your experiment’s status and which variant is the leader. You can add additional objectives, but they do not affect status or leader declarations.

Click Create a new metric

Enter a name for the metric, in our case I will use 'form submissions'

For the event I will choose 'Form Submissions' and the where condition will be all the URLs that contain which is my whole domain.

Click Create and then Save Now in the bottom right

Launch Experiment

After you have pressed Save Now you will see the Start test button become available.

When you're ready, click Start test.
It may take several hours for data to appear in your VWO dashboard.

You are done!

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