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ProveSource JS API

Learn how to show social proof notifications using javascript code in your website, for more customization like templates and display rules

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In this guide, we'll provide javascript code examples for different use cases, for example:

  • Show notifications only after a user scrolls some part of your page

  • Stop showing notifications after a checkout popup shows up
    or until cookie or GDPR consent is given

  • Show stream notifications only related to a specific product

  • Dynamically replace the notification text using templates / placeholders

  • Advanced A/B test (specific notifications)

Then you need the ProveSource javascript API.



Trigger a specific notification display (we recommend changing the notification's Display settings in the dashboard to something arbitrary like ""):

provesrc.display('notification name');

Trigger a notification display for a specific product:

provesrc.display('notification name', 'productId');

This will only work with platform notifications (shopify, woocommerce, wix, etc) or with webhooks notifications where you send a guid parameter (string/number) that represents the product ID, or whatever.

Dynamic Message Template / Variables

You can create dynamic messages by using webhook data and message parameters (does not require JS API):

Read more about it in the Setup Custom Webhook guide.

Or you can use client-side dynamic variables to change the notification message based on the page the user is on:

Trigger a notification with dynamic variables (parameters are just an example, you can use any key names):

provesrc.display('notification name', flightNumber, { 
destination: 'New York',
from: 'Tel Aviv'

The notification message would need to have template string similar to this:

Booked a flight from {{from}} to {{destination}}

You can also use the image reserved key to change the notification image dynamically:

provesrc.display('notification name', null, { image: 'https://...' });

Example: dynamic promotional/informational messages

  1. Create an Informational notification.

  2. In the Message step of the notification write something like:
    "order {{product}} today to get free shipping"
    โ€‹product is a template and will be replaced in realtime.

  3. Add a piece of code to your product pages that looks like this:

provesrc.display('notification name', null, { 
product: 'productXYZ',

Advanced A/B testing

Our basic A/B testing guide lets you test you website with/without ProveSource.

If you want to test specific notifications you can use the display function:

// Test Variant Code
provesrc.display('tested notification name');

Sometimes the A/B test variant code will execute before ProveSource is loaded and it can cause errors, to avoid that we can use setInterval or the ProveSource notification queue:

// interval option
var psInterval = setInterval(function() {
if(provesrc && provesrc.display) {
provesrc.display('tested notification');

//OR use queue
window.dq = [{ n: 'tested notification' }];


To make ProveSource stop showing notifications:


This will make ProveSource clear the notification queue and stop showing notifications

If you later want to restart the ProveSource notification queue use:


Remove any pending notifications waiting to be displayed (useful for SPA websites):

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