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Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Event Tracking Guide
Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Event Tracking Guide
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First, go to your "Settings" section, click "Integrations", and toggle one or more analytics providers to start sending data related to ProveSource.

GA4 requires creating custom events:

gtag("event", "provesource_click" OR "provesource_view" OR "provesource_hover", {
event_category: "ProveSource",
non_interaction: false (only on view, hover. For click events we will send "true")

The custom events should be created directly in the GA dashboard in order for them to show up.

We send the events directly to your GA4, you don't need to send it from your GTM.

Other parameters require you to create custom dimensions and metrics to see the parameter values in Google Analytics.

Whenever you create a custom parameter, you need to create a corresponding custom dimension or metric so you can see that data.

The event names we send are:

  • provesource_view for notification view

  • provesource_click for notification click

  • provesource_hover for notification hovering

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