ProveSource allows you to automatically send analytics data to your favorite analytics tools like Google Analytics and others.

All you have to do, is to go to your "Settings" section, click "Integrations", and toggle one or more analytics providers to start sending data related to ProveSource.

How does it work?

We use the existing analytics code you already have on your website, and use it to send additional events related to ProveSource, like impressions, clicks, hovers and goals data.

Data structure per platform

Google Analytics

Event Category: ProveSource
Event Label: <Notification name>
Event: <view/click/hover>,
Non-Interaction: true (only on view, hover. For click events we will send "true")


window.mixpanel(<view/click/hover> + " (ProveSource)", {from: "ProveSource", notification: <notification's name>});


amplitude.getInstance().logEvent(event + " (ProveSource)", {
   from: "ProveSource",
   event: event,

We constantly adding more providers. Reach out to tell us more about what you need or if you want us to support other providers as well.

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