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Integrate with ProveSource
Integrate with ProveSource

Learn how to add your ProveSource code to your Systeme io pages

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Updated over a week ago is an all-in-one marketing platform where you can launch your online business and carry it further on to success because the platform allows you to create your sales pages.

You can show social proof on your pages with ProveSource by installing the ProveSource code in your website.

Add the code to all of the pages of your Sales Funnel, so it's loaded throughout the entire Sales Funnel.

  1. Click Menu (under your profile in the top right)

  2. Go to Settings of the Sales Funnels

  3. Paste the ProveSource code in the Tracking Code field

Now create a stream notification to show your sales.

Webhook Integration

For a more robust integration you can set up a webhook in to send the information to ProveSource, you can then use additional data sent in the webhook in your notification template, as opposed to only data collect in "Form Submission"

  1. First, in your ProveSource account you need a notification that tracks Webhooks.

    ProveSource supports custom webhooks for Stream, Counter and Combo (Conversions) notifications:

    To create a new notification:

    1. Start by creating a notification, click New Notification.

    2. Select Stream, Conversions or Combo.

    3. For Track select Webhook (for Combo select the Combo type to be Conversions):

    4. Your Webhook URL in the bottom can now be used to integrate with other services.

    5. You must complete the notification wizard to save the webhook to your account.

    For existing notifications
    You can Edit existing notifications to use webhooks.
    If your notification is already configured to track webhooks you can find your webhook URL in the details slider:

  2. Next, go to your account, there are 2 ways to set up the webhook in

    Method 1:

    1. Navigate to your funnel, select a squeeze page, and click on "Automation rules".

    2. Create a new rule (e.g., "Send webhook after opt-in").

    3. Add your notification's webhook URL to the action field.

    4. Make a test opt-in by subscribing to the squeeze page.

    5. Check your ProveSource feed to check that the webhook event came in

    Method 2:

    1. In your account, click on "Automations", then select "Workflows" to create a new workflow (e.g., "Send webhook after a tag is added").

    2. Add your notification's webhook URL to the action field.

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