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Absolute URLs vs Clean URLs
Absolute URLs vs Clean URLs
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ProveSource uses both Absolute URLs and "Clean URLs" for tracking and displaying events.
We strongly suggest to not use Absolute URLs as links that lead to the same page are all treated uniquely:

Each of the above would be considered by ProveSource to be a unique and different URL although they lead to the same page.
By keeping the toggle OFF, ProveSource will use the clean (trimmed) version of your URL for tracking and displaying, for example:
​ becomes

Now you don't have to worry about URL with http or https, www or without, UTM params.

  • Want to display social proof on the home page, regardless of the traffic source? No problem.

  • Want to track your checkout form, even when the URL has tons of parameters? No problem.

This is the new default setting for any new social proof notification created.

Still want to use the old system since you have many unique URLs? Flip it ON, careful though, we've learned the hard way it's not easy to anticipate all possibilities.

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