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How To: Work With URL Patterns
How To: Work With URL Patterns
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Tired of copying URLs to setup your notification?
The URL 'contains' matching type can make your life easier.
You can set an expression instead of exact URLs in both 'Track' and 'Display' steps.

Notice: the notification 'count' will be an aggregate of all events matching your 'Track' settings.

Working With Patterns

Let's say you have many pages on your website with the same pattern: '[categoryId]/product/[productID]'
To show a notification on all of your product pages in domain '':

1. Create a new notification
2. On the "Track" step, set the URL match type to be "Contains"
3. Type the expression "/product/" to track all product pages at once.

4. On the "Display" section, decide where you want to show these events, e.g. the home page:
5. Complete the wizard to launch your notification!

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