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Configure Notifications to Be Clickable
Configure Notifications to Be Clickable

Take your users to the relevant page when they click your notification

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You can configure your notifications to easily take your visitors to another page or open a link in a new tab. Just toggle ON the "Clickable Notification" option, type your link and decide whether you want it to open up in a different tab, or on the same page.ย 

Link Behaviour

If http:// is omitted, the link will open relatively to the page displayed. For example, you can put /pricing in the Notification Link field, and the target URL will be


You can also set an anchor link to scroll the current page the user is on to a relevant section or form, just write your anchor text with a hashtag e.g. #section-2

Automatically Append UTM Params

By enabling this option, we will automatically append our UTM params to your link. Of course you can use your own, but in case you want to easily identify clicks coming from your notifications, use this option.
What we append:

  • utm_source = provesource

  • utm_medium = provesource-notification

  • utm_campaign = click

  • utm_content = [notification ID]

  • utm_term = [notification name]

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