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Integrating ProveSource in SamCart
Integrating ProveSource in SamCart

Learn how to integrate ProveSource with the popular checkout platform SamCart

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Integrating ProveSource with the popular checkout platform SamCart to show recent purchases/conversions in your website is easy as pie, follow the steps below to start collecting data from SamCart in no time.

1. Go to your SamCart dashboard
2. From the dropdown menu at the top-right of your dashboard, click on Settings.

3. On the General tab, find the Embed HTML/Scripts box and paste the ProveSource snippet in it.

4. Don't forget to Save, this might take a few minutes to show up due to cache.

Deeper Integration

If you want to show product name, image and link in your notifications you can either use a Zapier integration or use our native SamCart webhook support.

1. Inside of SamCart, click on the Products tab, and choose any product to access that product's settings.
2. Click on the Advanced Settings tab.

3. Paste in your ProveSource webhook URL into the Notification URL field.ย 

4. Click Save Changes at the top of the page.

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