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Third Party Service Disclaimer
Third Party Service Disclaimer

Learn about our Third Party Service Disclaimer

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ProveSource is the leading social proof platform, trusted by tens of thousands of websites and businesses around the world.

We capture real actions such as signups, purchases and reviews that happen on websites automatically, and show them to other visitors to increase trust.

Although we make sure that the events we display are real:

  1. We do not vouch or determine whether a third party website is legit or not.

  2. We cannot assure if the transactions are legitimate or services/products have been provided in exchange.

  3. We do not check the validity, authenticity or practices of a business.

We highly recommend and suggest that you do your research before making a purchase on any and all websites.

ProveSource does not accept any responsibility or liability, damage, costs or expenses whatsoever incurred or suffered by anyone as a result of any information contained in or provided by the Service.

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