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Integrating ProveSource with Ontraport
Integrating ProveSource with Ontraport

Learn how to setup ProveSource on your Ontraport pages.

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It only takes a few minutes to setup ProveSource on your Ontraport pages. Once you are done, we’ll start capturing leads from your forms and you can start showing them, and increase your conversion rates right away!

Follow these steps:

1. In your Ontraport account, select the landing page you’d like to add ProveSource to.
2. Click Settings → Custom Code.

3. Grab your ProveSource snippet and paste it inside the text box.

4. Click Done.

5. Click Publish → Save & Publish to update your page.

Sending sales events via Webhook

You can use webhooks to send sales events from Ontraport to ProveSource:

  1. In ProveSource, edit/create a notification that tracks "webhooks" and copy the webhook URL (read more about it here)

  2. Go to Ontraport, create a webhook and paste the ProveSource webhook URL under the destination URL in Ontraport

  3. Next, click "Add the data to send"

  4. Pick the relevant parametes to send to ProveSource (make sure to send the email to ProveSource)

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