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Integrating ProveSource with BigCommerce
Integrating ProveSource with BigCommerce

Learn how to add social proof to your BigCommerce store

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ProveSource offers a BigCommerce app:

Once you install the app, we'll start displaying your visitors activity and increase your conversion rates right away!

  1. Install the BigCommerce app from the BigCommerce App Market.

  2. ProveSource will fetch up to 30 of your latest orders.

  3. A notification will automatically be created for you with default settings.

  4. You can now edit, customize and create your notifications.

Legacy Blueprint Themes

If you haven't switched to the BigCommerce Stencil theme system yet, the app will not automatically add the code to your website and you will need to do that manually:

  1. Go to your Store's Advanced Settings > Web Analytics > Google Analytics

  2. Paste the ProveSource code in the input box (under any other code you may have in the input)

You can find the code in the ProveSource dashboard Install page > Javascript Code

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