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Re-authorize Facebook Page Permissions
Re-authorize Facebook Page Permissions

Check this guide if you see "Facebook Reviews Fetch Failed" events in the feed

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Sometimes Facebook might revoke our access permissions to your pages due to password changes or a security policy update - this in turn blocks ProveSource's access to your page and we are unable to fetch new reviews from your page.

Usually the error code is 190 and the error subcode is 460, Facebook documentation says it's related to user password or permission changes.

Reconnect Facebook Page

To reconnet your Facebook page:

  1. Edit your notification

  2. Click Continue with Facebook

3. Click Edit Settings

4. Make sure your page is selected

5. Make sure all permissions are toggled ON

6. Done.

Fully Re-authorize and connect your Facebook Page

Sometimes simply reconnecting your Facebook page simply does not work and you need to fully remove the app and re-authorize it.

  1. Go to your business integrations page here.

  2. Select the ProveSource app in the Active tab

  3. Click Remove

  4. Go back to ProveSource dashboard and click Continue with Facebook again

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