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Common Wordpress / WooCommerce Issues
Common Wordpress / WooCommerce Issues

Find out about 3rd party plugins that might cause issues with your ProveSource on wordpress / woocommerce setup

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Some Wordpress plugins that help users make their websites more secure or load faster, might cause issues with ProveSource.

This happens due to the nature of those plugins:

  • blocking "unknown" or external software from sending/receiving data on your website.

  • caching your website and by that causing an old version of it to load, which does not have ProveSource code added.

The solution is quite simple:

  • If it's a cache plugin - after adding ProveSource you should refresh or clear the cache.

  • If it's a security plugin - you should whitelist or unblock ProveSource in the plugin's options.

Here's a (incomplete) list of plugins that are known to cause issues with other plugins:

In LiteSpeed Chase you would need to whitelist "":

1. Go to the "Cache" tab

2. In the Cache page navigate to the "[4] Excludes" tab

3. Add ""

4. Save Changes


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