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Integrate PayPal with ProveSource
Integrate PayPal with ProveSource

Send purchases and payments made on PayPal to ProveSource to show as Stream/Sales notification or Conversion Count

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If you're using PayPal to receive payments for your products or services, you can now connect these sales to ProveSource and show off these sales in your website.

ProveSource Webhook

First, you need to get a webhook URL from ProveSource.
You can do this by selecting the Webhooks option from the Track page of the notification, it's available on the notifications: Stream, Counter (Conversions), Combo
Read more about our webhooks in this guide.

PayPal IPN

Once you have the ProveSource webhook URL, head over to PayPal IPN Settings:
โ€‹Account Settings > Notification Settings > Instant payment notifications

  1. Edit the IPN settings

  2. Paste your ProveSource Webhook URL

  3. make sure to enable the IPN

  4. Save

  5. Profit!

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