Yotpo is an extensive user content creation and management platform, offering tools to collect, manage and show-case your reviews, ratings, Q&A and more. Yotpo helps you turn every purchase into a review.
Now you can show those reviews on your website as a social proof notification to boost visitors' trust and increase your conversion rate.

To start showing Yotpo reviews on your website, follow the steps below:

1. Click the New Notification button, and select the Reviews notification type.

2. Select Yotpo and input your Yotpo App Key, use this guide to find your app key.

3. Complete the rest of the wizard and launch your notification.

4. Check the Feed page to see the reviews we imported, if you don't see any "Yotpo Review" rows, you might have a typo in the App Key from step #2.

5. Congratulations! Your Yotpo reviews should now be displayed in your website.

NOTE: we attempt to fetch new reviews once every 24 hours.

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