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Why notifications are not showing?
Why notifications are not showing?

Troubleshoot why notifications don't show up on your website, learn how to fix common issues with your social proof

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Wondering why your notifications are not displaying?

Do you see a warning saying "This notification was not shown in the last 24 hours"?

Follow these checklist or video for solutions:

Common Issues

  • Did you install the ProveSource snippet on all relevant pages? (see this guide)

  • Are your "Track" and "Display" URLs valid? (see this guide)

  • Did you pass your monthly visitors limit? (check the billing page)

  • Have you tried visiting your website in Incognito mode / private browsing?

  • Have you cleared your website cache?

  • Have you tried using a different browser?

  • Check that you have events in your Feed! If no events - notifications will not be shown. Try submitting a test lead or a test purchase on your website.


  • If you're using the Stream/Conversion/Combo notification: Does your page have a form with an email field?

  • Does your account have any conversions to display? (hint: check your "Feed" page or see this guide)

  • Is your form hosted on your domain and it's not a iframe?

  • Have you submitted a test lead on your website?

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