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ProveSource Affiliate Program FAQ & Restrictions
ProveSource Affiliate Program FAQ & Restrictions
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How much commission will I earn?

You’ll earn 20% recurring commission for every payment made by a referred customer. The more sales you refer, the more you get paid!

Is there a limit to how many sales I can earn commission for?

No. The more sales you refer, the more you get paid.

What's the minimum payout?

Active Affiliates must earn a minimum of $25 (USD) to get paid. All earnings and ongoing conversions will remain in your Affiliate Account until you meet $25 (USD). Once your account reaches this balance, you will be able to submit a payout request with your PayPal address.

How long is a cookie valid for?

A cookie expires after 30 days.  


By participating in our affiliate program, you agree to the following rules and guidelines:

  • You may not open another account using your own affiliate link.

  • You may not use use Keywords targeting brand name, any combination of the words: "Prove", "Source", "Src", "ProveSrc", "Social Proof", etc.

  • You must use / have your own domain/landing page. Visitors who arrive directly to our domain/website (ex. from Google) will not be counted towards your affiliate plan.

  • You may not advertise on Google Ads.

  • You may not advertise on malicious websites.

  • You may not send your link in a spam form, including but not limited: mass emails or messages on social media, comments in blogs and videos, etc

  • You may not advertise false information such as discounts, features, pricing plans etc.

  • You may not use the Company name or present yourself as a company representative.

  • You may not present your content and pages as official pages of Configo LTD or ProveSource. 

Violation of the above will be subject to an immediate and permanent ban. Any existing and future commissions will be cancelled.

For any question you can always reach out via the live chat on our website or send us an email to

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