Notifications, popups, ads - they can annoy your customers real quick.
Here are several settings you can change in order to make your notifications non-intrusive and appealing.

  1. Delay between notifications  - this option can be found under Settings > Notifications  and can be used to add a delay of XX seconds between notifications. This way you can lower the frequency of your notifications.

  2. Show once per session - this option will make sure your visitor sees your notification only once per session, and not on every page load.

  3. Allow users to opt out of seeing further notifications -  this option can also be found under Settings > Notifications  and can be used to let your visitors opt-out of seeing notifications on your website

  4. Maximum number of conversions to show (Stream notifications only) - use this to define how many Stream events to show. We show 10 by default but you can lower this number to show less Stream notifications, in case you have other active notification types as well.

  5. Ignore events that are older than  - this option can be found under Notification Wizard > Customize and can be used to avoid showing old events. Use this to set the max timeframe for your notifications. For example, you can ignore events that happened more than 60 minutes ago. This way, you'll always show the most recent events.

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