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What are the best ProveSource notification settings?
What are the best ProveSource notification settings?
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Since officially launching ProveSource on May 2018, we have collected more than 100 million different data points from more than 18,000 websites and online stores.

Here are several takeaways and best practices to help you get the most out of your social proof notifications.

  • Visitors click your notifications (average 4% CTR). Make them clickable and drive traffic to important pages.

  • Design your notifications, use colors and contextual icons/gifs.

  • Create at least one Stream notification.

  • Show your notifications on mobile.

  • Set your “Delay before first notification” to 0.

  • Set your “Delay between notifications” to at least 4 seconds.

  • Set your “Display each notification for” to at least 6 seconds.

  • Keep your message short with no more than 12-15 words.

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