Integrating ProveSource with to your Teachable school pages is super easy.

1. Head to your Teachable account and click "Code Snippets"

2. Scroll down to the Head Code Snippets section
3. Grab your ProveSource code and paste in the relevant place:

  • Head Code Snippets
    To add HTML/JavaScript code inside the head tag on all pages in your school, enter the code into the Head Code Snippets section

  • Logged In Snippets
    Alternatively, in the Logged In Snippets section, you can add code inside the head tag for users that are logged in

  • Logged Out Snippets
    Or, in the Logged Out Snippets section, you can add code inside the head tag for users who are logged out:

After you’ve added your custom code, click Save.

Track Your Courses

In case you want to show course purchases/signups:

1. Setup a Stream notification with a webhook tracking
2. After creating the notification, grab your notification webhook URL.

3. Log in to your Teachable school.
4. Select Settings from the admin sidebar.
5. Click Webhooks. 

6. Select New Webhook.
7. Enter your ProveSource Webhook URL and select an Event Type: "New Sales" or "New Enrollment"
8. Click the orange Create Webhook button at the bottom.
9. Your webhook is now set up! When the event type you chose occurs, it will fire off a webhook event and the status of your webhook will change from “pending" to “verified." 


Sometimes, Teachable's webhooks fail (we're not sure why and trying to get their support's help on this) and they disable the webhook permanently.

We highly suggest going into your Teachable's webhooks section every 2-3 days and re-enable the webhook if it's disabled.

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