Integrating ProveSource with to your WebinarJam or EverWebinar account is super easy (as easy as adding Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics!)

1. On WebinarJam or EverWebinar, go to Integrations:

2. Click the pencil icon beside "Integrate a 3rd party tracking system"
3. In the new window you can paste any type of tracking code you'd like.
4. Grab your ProveSource snippet code
5. Paste your ProveSource snippet inside both "Registration Page Tracking" and "Registration Form Tracking".
6. Click "Confirm"

7. When creating a notification to track your leads, set the following as the track URL:[MemberID]/[Webicode]

NOTE #1: 

Replace Member ID with your Member ID and the Webicode with your webinar's webicode. The MemberID stays the same for all your webinars. Your Webicode will change for each webinar. To Get your Member ID and Webicode, Go to My Webinars and Choose your Webinar.

NOTE #2:

If you do not change the above MemberID and Webicode to your actual information your tracking won't work.

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