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Integrate Stripe Webhooks
Integrate Stripe Webhooks

Learn how to use Stripe webhooks with your ProveSource notifications

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We all know and love Stripe the payments platform and now you can integrate ProveSource with stripe to show your Social Proof notifications.

Configure your webhook

1. Create a Stream notification
2. Select the Webhook tracking option
3. Follow and complete the next steps of the wizard.
4. Copy your webhook URL from the notification detail panel.

Dynamic Message Template: When setting up Stripe webhooks, you can use the stripe webhook payload as template variables in the notification message, read more about it in the Setup a Custom Webhook guide.

Stripe Configuration

1. Go to Stripe's Webhooks page:

2. Click Add Endpoint:

3. For URL set the Webhook URL you copied from step #4 above
4. Webhook version - latest
5. Based on your Stripe configuration, select the most relevant event.
Some stripe configurations don't create customers, orders or invoices, so be sure to check the different menus in Stripe to see what would work:

  • charge.succeeded

  • order.created

  • invoice.created

  • customer.created

  • customer.subscription.created

6. Click Add Endpoint


To help us get more data about your Stripe transactions and customers, you can add your Stripe API key to ProveSource.
Head over to Stripe API Keys menu (click here) or manually:

  1. Click Developers on the left menu

  2. Click API Keys

  3. Click Reveal key token

  4. Copy the API key

Make sure viewing test data is toggled OFF (grey)
The API key should have a prefix: sk_live_

In ProveSource, click Settings > Integrations and in the Stripe row click Edit, input your copied API key and click the green checkmark.

Don't forget to save your changes!

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