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Integrate Hotmart Orders with ProveSource
Integrate Hotmart Orders with ProveSource

Learn how to use ProveSource with Hotmart

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Hotmart is a great platform for selling digital courses in a simple and effective way.
Now you can show hotmart orders in your ProveSource Social Proof notifications.

Configure your webhook

1. Create a Stream notification
2. Select the Webhook tracking option
3. Follow and complete the next steps of the wizard.
4. Copy your webhook URL from the notification detail panel.

Hotmart Configuration

1. Select Tools in the left sidebar
2. Select Webhook (API and Notifications)

3. Click the + button to add a new webhook.

4. Configure the webhook:

  • For name, we recommend using your notification's name.

  • For orders select Order Completed.

  • Optionally you can select a product the webhook will be triggerd for.

  • Lastly in Send to URL paste the webhook URL you copied from step #4 above.

  • Save!

Test Your Integration

Complete a test order or wait for an order to be completed and check the Events page in the ProveSource dashboard, your notification should now be showing.

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