It only takes a few minutes to setup ProveSource on your Kajabi pages. Once you are done, we'll start displaying your visitors activity and increase your conversion rates right away!

Follow these steps:

1. From your Kajabi Dashboard, click on Settings.
2. Choose the Checkout Settings option and scroll down to the Checkout Tracking Code section.

3. Grab your ProveSource snippet and paste it inside the text box.
4. Be sure to save your changes!
5. There are 2 options to install in your pages or website:

Install it in the website

Go to Website tab -> Manage Themes -> Click the ••• button -> Edit Code -> Layouts -> theme.liquid

Install it in a page:

Go to Website tab -> Page Builder -> Click the ••• button -> Edit Code -> Templates -> index.liquid

6. Paste the ProveSource snippet right before the </head> and click Save.

7. All you have to do now it to head over to your ProveSource dashboard, and create a notification. You can create a Stream, Conversions, Page Visits, Live Visitors Count and more.

8. You can use the Form Submission tracking option, Webhook or Zapier to track different activities.

Product Purchase Webhook

Setting up webhooks per product purchase:

  1. Copy your ProveSource webhook URL.

  2. Click on your offer's Edit button

  3. Click More Actions at the top and select Webhooks

  4. Paste your ProveSource webhook copied in step #1

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