It only takes a few minutes to setup ProveSource on your Wix website. Once you are done, we'll start displaying your visitors activity and increase your conversion rates right away!

Beta App*

We're working on a Wix native app, in a closed beta.
Please reach out if you'd like to be part of the beta testing program.

The app will automatically:

  1. Install the ProveSource code in your website
  2. Import past purchases (up to 30)
  3. Create a stream notification to show those sales

If you want to create your own notification:

  1. click New Notification
  2. Select Stream for your notification type
  3. Select Wix to track orders
  4. Complete the rest of the wizard and enjoy your new social proof!

Non-App Integration

Follow these steps:

1. Go to your Wix account, and select Manage & Edit Site.

2. On the left panel, select Tracking & Analytics and then click on New Tool > Custom

3. Grab your ProveSource JS code and paste it inside code snippet box.
4. Give your custom code an internal name.
5. Select "All Pages"
6. Select "Place code in Head"

7. Save your changes.

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