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Integrating ProveSource with ClickFunnels
Integrating ProveSource with ClickFunnels

Learn how to setup ProveSource on your ClickFunnels funnels and landing pages.

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It only takes a few minutes to setup ProveSource on your ClickFunnels funnels and landing pages. Once you are done, we'll start displaying your visitors activity and increase your conversion rates right away!
​Follow these steps:

1. Go to your ClickFunnels account, and select Funnels.

2. On your new or existing funnel, click Settings

3. Grab your ProveSource JS code and paste it inside the HEAD TRACKING CODE box.

4. Now, you can create a Stream or Conversions notification and capture your leads using the Form Submissions option. ProveSource automatically identifies form submissions on your landing page.

Using Webhooks

If you want to track checkouts/purchases done through clickfunnels, you'll have to use webhooks.

You still have to add the ProveSource code to show notifications, but the events to display will be captured via webhooks.

In ProveSource, you need to create a Stream notification with Webhook selected in the Track page, read more here.

Follow these insturctions for ClickFunnels:

  1. Go to your Funnel's Settings page

  2. Scroll down to Webhooks section

  3. Click Manage Your Funnel Webhooks

  4. In the top right click New Webhook

  5. Enter the URL you got from ProveSource notification's Track step

  6. For event pick purchase_created and/or contact_created

  7. For Adapter pick JSON

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