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Use ProveSource on Multiple Stores
Use ProveSource on Multiple Stores
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So, you have multiple stores (woocommerce, shopify, magento, etc) and you want to use ProveSource on all of them, but separately, right?

For Shopify, see this guide.

You can also use sub accounts to keep things separate: see this guide.
โ€‹There are 3 things you need configure in order to make it work:

  1. Install ProveSource on your website using the right plugin for your store. You can always use the Debug Mode in order to see if ProveSource in installed and where.

  2. Specify the correct website URL/page URL you wish to track, in the Track step.

  3. Specify the correct website URL/page URL you wish to show your notification on, in the Display step.

Note: leave this field empty if you have only 1 store/domain.

Show on All Pages

"Show on All Pages" is a display setting that shows on all pages where ProveSource is installed - you might be end up showing events from website #1 on website #2.

Things to Consider

  1. The Analytics page shows analytics for the whole account - you will not be able to separate these stats per website. Notifications have their own separate analytics (when clicking a notification).

  2. Goals work based on URLs or on code, check your thank-you page URLs, if they have the same template, we suggest using the full URL of the thank-you page to separate tracking between pages.

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